Know Before You Go

In a few weeks we will have the opportunity to celebrate our life changing work with you at the Annual Adult Spelling Bee and Benefit Dinner benefiting the Adult Literacy Center of Ozaukee County. Our students are gaining confidence, achieving dreams, advancing in their careers, and overcoming lifelong barriers they never thought they would conquer.

We are especially grateful our event supporters have made a gift in support of championing literacy in Ozaukee County. Thank you for championing literacy!


The theme is an 80’s inspired “Don’t Stop BEE-lieving.” We hope you are ready to have copious amounts of fun, witness the impact your support has on the lives of others, and consider deepening your involvement with the ALC.  


Here are a few things to KNOW BEFORE YOU GO!

Watermark at Shully’s

146 Green Bay Rd, Thiensville

Apri 28, 2022

5:30 PM


ATTIRE: The theme is “Don’t Stop BEE-lieving.” so please use this chance to have fun! Wear your 80’s inspired apparel…think leg warmers, oversize sweatshirts, striped linen suit, parachute pants, mini skirt and jean jacket.  If this is not your style, the dress for the event is business casual.


PARKING: Available on the north side of Shully’s in their parking lot or on Green Bay Road. 


CUISINE: Shully’s will be providing a delicious Italian style Buffet that will appeal to every pallet, including options for gluten free and vegetarian guests.


1. Wine Pull: Visit the Wine Pull table, draw from the basket of corks, and reveal the wine you won. Value ranges from $15 - $100 per bottle. Tickets will be used to participate.

            1 Wine Pull costs 3 tickets: (receive 1 bottle of wine)

            2 Wine Pulls costs 5 tickets (receive 2 bottles of wine)


2. Silent Auction Raffle: for items you want to try to win, write your name and email on one side of the ticket(s), keep the other half. Insert your ticket into the receptacle next to the item you want a chance to win.


Participate using tickets purchased before or at the event.
Save time and buy your tickets BEFORE you go.
Tickets will be ready for you at registration.. 

Ticket Price:
3 tickets/$15

6 tickets/$25 ($5 discount)

12 tickets/$50 ($10 discount)

25 tickets /$100 ($25 discount)

To purchase tickets: Pay online at or scan this QR code below







3. Participate in the Heads or Tails Raffle: Have a $5 bill ready and enjoy the fun. The emcee will explain all the details.

4. Purchase a “Team Buy Back:” Teams and guests can buy a team back in ONE TIME for the cost of $200 once they are eliminated. A team or guest has just 30 seconds to buy back in at elimination. 


5. Don’t Stop BEE-lieving Funding Appeal: At the end of the evening we invite you to donate to the Appeal and help us reach our goal of $5,000 which will allow us to provide programming for eight students for six months.

You will not want to miss some of the “special surprises” during the appeal.
Giving levels are $100, $65 and $35.


Please read before the event

  • Spellers should arrive at 5:30 PM for check in and will enjoy dinner at 5:45 PM. Team photos will be taken after dinner. At 6:30 PM teams participate in a drawing to decide team seating order for the competition. Competition will begin at 7 PM.

  • Official rules can be found here: INSERT LINK

  • Teams consist of 3 spellers, one designated as the team captain.

  • Team name, individual team members’ names, and name of the designated team captain must be forwarded to Sarah Gilday by April 11, 2022.

  • Individual spellers on the team will be identified as #1, #2, and #3 which determines the order that each speller will come to the microphone to spell. Teams should decide that order in advance.



Reception - Wine Pull, Silent Auction Raffle

Dinner - Italian Pasta Buffet

Dessert - provided by Cake Creations (owned by Viktoria, a former ALC student)

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Spelling Bee Rules and Introductions

Spelling Bee Competition

Heads or Tails Raffle (have your $5 bill ready!)

Don’t Stop BEE-lieving Funding Appeal 

Award Ceremony and Announcement of Silent Auction Raffle Winners


ADDITIONAL TICKETS: We still have a few additional seats available to the event. To purchase, contact Sarah Gilday, at or 262-546-0020.

​​If you still have any questions, please reach out to Sarah Gilday, Executive Director, at or 262-546-0020. Looking forward to seeing you on April 28, 2022.